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Fenske Foto

hello world. i'm renee.

i truly love being behind a camera, capturing shots of people, their emotions & important moments, no matter how big or small. it always brings me joy and allows me to express my creativity.

growing up, I convinced my dad to buy a film camera for me and he would pay for rolls and rolls of film to be developed at walmart every week. most of the photos were hilariously awful (thank god for digital), but he would always do it without fail, simply because it made me happy. his name will live on through my photography business and i hope this endeavor would have made him proud.

WELCOME TO FENSKE FOTO: photography focused on bringing out the best in humans!


Mary C.

“I am so happy with my headshots! Renee sent me a bunch of great background options ahead of our appointment to pick from. She was patient and fun throughout the appointment. She helped me feel comfortable in front of the camera and brought out a real smile (and laugh!). She also helped tame my wild curls throughout the shoot and made sure I looked amazing. I definitely recommend Renee!”

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